Vision DOTCOM Technologies


Singeing is the first process and is that which determines the ultimate pilling of the finished fabric.

The recent acquisition of a new singeing machine ensures that we can obtain the very best possible results and allow us to achieve pilling levels of 5 where required. At Magna we have the latest wide width Continuous Bleaching Range from Germany with fully computerized PLC Chemical Dosing system. Our dyeing operations are equipped with the most sophisticated continuous dyeing machinery available. We have a wide width Thermosol range from Monforts (Germany) and a new Padusteam/wash range.

“Our printing department is equipped with 3 most modern printing Machines. We are capable of printing 21 colors on fabric up to width of 3200 mm, and repeat sizes ranging from 641 mm to 1200 mm is available.”

Magna has a range of excellent stentering machines from Monforts Germany with fully automatic controls. These can be used for batching and finishing of fabric having Mahlo weft straightener at entry and exit points to avoid bowing and skewness.these are equipped with infrared which helps in pigment dyeing in pastel and medium shades. We have got extensive Calendering equipment including the latest Sanforising machine and Xetma Combined Peaching/raising machines from Germany.