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Magna Processing has OEKO-TEX Step SIX qualified to have made a Green label on the product.

“We are striving to provide environmentally friendly products to our customers as per our customers’ requirements to avoid harming life on planet earth in all forms.”

Environment Commitment

Our expansion strategy envisages a plan that will help balance economic growth while embedding a culture of sustainable development for the environment and community

Magna Processing gives the highest priority and commitment to better sustainable practices that will lead to a greener and healthier planet. Prior to embarking on this environmentally friendly journey, We established a clear strategy to inculcate into our corporate culture, clear and healthy business practices. As a result of our efforts, we have been successful in reducing carbon and water footprint, decreasing our energy consumption, and lowering our wastages. These actions besides Supporting our sustainability drive has also helped reduce our costs, while improving our productivity.
Magna Processing has a dedicated team of experts in the Compliance department.This team is responsible for training and advising our management and staff on all matters related to CSR. In addition, they also communicate with customers about labor, environment, health and safety matters at Magna. Since this is a continuous process, our team works closely with our buyers, local and international organizations to discuss ways of bringing improvements to our workplace. This commitment to global standards of compliance is duly reflected through our certifications.
As a leader in the textile industry, we understand and appreciate the responsibility we carry towards the environment and to our community. Being compliant is an integral part of Magna culture and this is demonstrated in our commitment to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner.Magna is committed to be a responsible and honest corporate citizen, while playing a leadership role for the development of our society.